Van Doren Designs, LLC is an engineering
services/consulting company located in
Southbury, CT and founded in June, 2004.

The primary mission of VDD is to provide
engineering design, analysis, and prototyping
services in a variety of high tech areas.

Matthew J. Van Doren is the company principal.  
He is a licensed professional engineer and
holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from
the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He
specializes in mechatronics, robotics, precision
machine design, and opto-mechanical design
and has over 20 years of engineering
experience.  Matt has worked extensively in the
semiconductor capital equipment and optical
metrology industries.
Matthew J. Van Doren, PhD, PE
Van Doren Designs, LLC ▪ Southbury, CT ▪ 06488
Phone: (203) 262-6499 ▪ Email:
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High Performance
Engineering for a High
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